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Plan your next vacation to Cartagena, where you’ll experience culture, luxury and relaxation. We have luxurious properties that accommodate varying budgets and number of guests. We take pride in providing excellent hospitality services, we will recommend the best restaurants, activities and nightlife to ensure that your vacation is unforgettable!

island escape

must-do on any Cartagena visitor's list is to escape the heat of the city and head to the islands for a day or two.  We particularly recommend Blue Apple Beach House on the island of Tierra Bomba. It's just 30 minutes from the city (not as far as the Rosario Islands) and offers regular boat transfers 2-3 times a day, leaving as late as 1pm and returning around 6pm. The food is great, they have music, a great cocktail menu, pool, beach, water toys and even a DJ on the weekends. A day trip with lunch costs from $50 and rooms start at $150 per night. 

Check out their website: www.blueapplebeach.com

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