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tayrona national park & santa marta

Are you looking to expand your Colombia adventure outside of Cartagena? Let us help you plan the perfect trip to Tayrona & Santa Marta. We have a place for groups of all kinds surrounding the charming Parque de los Novios including a Studio Apartment with a Private Jacuzzi, 4 Bedroom House & 5 Bedroom Mansion. After enjoying Santa Marta head to our very own Paradise in Tayrona National Park: Private Ecohab Bungalow overlooking the Ocean.

tayrona national park

One of Colombia’s most popular national parks, Tayrona grips the Caribbean coast in a jungly bear hug at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.  It’s known for its palm-shaded coves, coastal lagoons, rainforest and rich biodiversity. At its heart, the Pueblito ruins are an archaeological site accessed via forest trails, with terraces and structures built by the Tayrona civilization.  At least 56 endangered species call the park home, but most stay out of sight, deep within the forest.

For many travelers the park’s biggest attraction is its gorgeous beaches, which are set in deep bays, backed by mountains and shaded by coconut palms. However, for you the biggest attraction will be our Private Ecohab Bungalow with two private beaches, a natural aquarium to snorkel or scuba dive in, and our maid/cook Gladys, who will make you want stay there in Paradise forever.

Book with us and we will coordinate transport, meals, trips to Tayrona’s beautiful beaches and an unforgettable trip.

santa marta

Founded on July 29, 1525, by the Spanish conquistador Rodrigo de Bastidas, it was the first Spanish settlement in Colombia, and is Colombia’s oldest surviving city, and second oldest in South America. He deliberately chose a site at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to serve as a convenient base for the reputedly incalculable gold treasures of the Tayronas. The secret to Santa Marta is to use it for what it does well: our beautiful properties, restaurants and bars, and then get out to the slew of superb destinations nearby specifically Tayrona National Park.

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